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Is it your time to start-up a new MLM company ?
Fortune favors the bold. (Alexander the Great)

Let us assist you to get set up correctly.

Do you want to start-up a Direct Sales / MLM company ?
Do you know how to source some of the best professionals to assist you ?
When do you plan to launch your new venture ?
Is your Compensation Plan profitable for your company and lucrative for your Distributors/Consultants ?
Is your Compensation Plan legally compliant with the current regulatory statutes in all of the 50 states ?
What are your main products or services and what are your profit margins?
Do you or someone on your team have successful Direct Sales/Network Marketing (MLM) experience ?
Have you found a dependable software vendor ? 
Do you really know all of the things that need to be done to set up your new Direct Sales company - or do you just think "you know how" ?
Why don't you check out our Corporate Start-Up Tasks Agenda (see the blue link below) to get a better look at some of the areas that you will need to address and provide workable solutions.

The greatest cities were once just ideas.

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Please, click here to see a Corporate Start-Up Tasks Agenda.


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